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30 Mar 2022 | Product

Functional. Simple. Reliable. SIGMA GERMANY to launch new ORIGINALS bike computers

Larger display and new design: A new line of traditional SIGMA bike computers by the name SIGMA ORIGINALS is now available from retailers.

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, 29/03/2022
By launching its new ORIGINALS bike computers, SIGMA is continuing its product campaign. Within 18 months, the smart bike electronics specialist based in Neustadt will have launched 45 new products. “Bike computers and SIGMA simply belong together,” says SIGMA Managing Director Robin Schendel. “Since 1982, when my father, Klaus-Peter Schendel, launched the Cycle Coach, the first digital bike computer, SIGMA has stood for originality in bike computers. These devices have been continuously improved over the decades since. We are proudly launching ORIGINALS, the next generation of classic bike computers. Five models coming wired or wireless give cyclists their ideal bike computer and lots of motivation to get on their bikes. “Optimized buttons and newly structured displays make the ORIGINALS even easier to operate. Despite their compact format, all ORIGINALS come with a large, clean display. Thanks to the extra-long battery life (2 years +), cyclists no longer have to worry about their bike computer’s maintenance. The ORIGINALS are particularly attractive by their reliable data measurement and familiar quality.

For leisure riders and commuters: BC 5.0, BC 8.0, and BC 10.0
BC 5.0, BC 8.0, and BC 10.0 ORIGINALS are meant for cyclists who would like to record their riding data quickly and without complications. The BC 5.0 features the five most important functions in a single small device. Its large display shows current speed, trip distance, total distance, trip time, and time of day. The various functions are displayed as symbols or icons. A large button makes toggling back and forth quick and easy, even during the ride. For cyclists who want total ride time, average speed, and a comparison between current and average speed displayed, the BC 8.0 is the ideal touring companion. Equipped with ten different functions, the BC 10.0 measures the temperature and maximum speed in addition to the basic functions and is therefore an essential companion for cyclists who enjoy the occasional challenge.

For ambitious bikers and data collectors: BC 12.0 and BC 14.0
Advanced and ambitious bikers will enjoy the BC 12.0 und BC 14.0. The BC 12.0 and its twelve functions can be used on two bikes and record all trips of either bike. Another handy feature is the monthly summary of the totals in a kind of training diary. With fourteen and more functions, sportive design, and integrated altimeter, the BC 14.0 is the ideal companion for the ambitious cyclist. The expanded altitude measurement functions include current altitude, current gradient, altitude uphill, total altitude uphill, and maximum altitude. Two more useful features are different bicycle profiles and backlight illumination. If you want to see your cadence on the display, choose the BC 12.0 WL CAD or BC 14.0 WL CAD, which comes with a cadence sensor already included.

Versatile set-up
ORIGINALS bike computers simply mount to the handlebars by the bracket included. Ahead-mounting preferred? For BC 12.0 and BC 14.0, an optional OVER CLAMP BUTLER or LONG BUTLER give handlebars this clean look. Furthermore, the hidden extra screw connecting BUTLER and computer provide additional theft protection

ORIGINALS bike computers available at retailers from spring of 2022. Imagery downloadable in the SIGMA Press area