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30 Nov 2021 | Product

Small. Versatile. Strong: The new ROX 11.1 EVO GPS bike computer is now available from retailers

Starting immediately, the ROX 11.1 EVO is part of SIGMA’s ROX GPS bike computer family. Its variety of functions support recreational and professional bikers on their tours and during training. Navigation capability and precise, readable ride data help bikers manage their training efficiently.

Neustadt, november 30, 2021 Whether you are trying for a best time or maintaining your fitness level, the ROX 11.1 EVO is the perfect training partner. Its more than 150 functions provide reliable support and guidance so that athletes can focus completely on their performance. Its scope of function includes tracking speed and distance with GPS, measuring barometric altitude, navigating with Track or komoot, and compatibility with e-bikes, smart trainers, and external sensors. Navigation information and ride data can be read very easily on the 1.77-inch transmissive colour display thanks to its outstanding contrast.

Functional and versatile
The ROX 11.1 EVO can be used on multiple bicycles. Bikers can take advantage of this with the pre-set sport profiles or create their own training views, each with up to six data fields. They can be highlighted in up to eight different colours, allowing a better overview and even quicker readability. The workout function allows easy training unit planning and execution. The integrated Crash Alert feature informs your emergency contacts if you fall off your bike. Smart notifications inform the biker of incoming calls and messages during his ride. The five large operating buttons are easy to recognize and can be operated without difficulty, even with gloved hands, in all weather conditions. Up to 100 hours of riding time can be stored on the bike computer. Its sporty, compact design, innovative colour display, numerous features, and ease of use make the 55-g ROX 11.1 EVO a must-have.

Easy coupling
BLE and ANT+ make it extremely easy to quickly and reliably combine sensors that measure speed, cadence, and pulse. The set contains the ROX 11.1 EVO with SIGMA’s new magnet-free speed and cadence sensors. The magnet-free attachment simplifies and optimises mounting. The ROX 11.1 EVO can also be paired to electronic switching or the power meter. The GPS bike computer is e-bike-ready and connects very easily to numerous compatible e-bike systems. Once coupled, it shows bikers specific values such as range, battery charge, and support level.

Fast, clearly organised data analysis
Data can be analysed on the ROX 11.1 EVO or a smart phone, or after training on a PC or Mac in the SIGMA DATA CENTER. The RIDE app combined with the new ROX models provides seamless interaction of bike computer, training data, and smart phone. During a ride, live training data and the travelled route can be tracked at any time. The training views can be set and modified intuitively and quickly with the RIDE APP, even when the bike is moving. After training, all training data appear immediately in the app and can be further analysed. This allows events and achievements to be shared quickly in Strava, komoot, and TrainingPeaks and training data and tracks to be synchronised with third-party providers. The RIDE app can import tracks flexibly from other portals as .GPX files. SIGMA tracks, such as those created in the SIGMA DATA CENTER, can be synchronised in the RIDE app via the SIGMA CLOUD.

Perfect placement with the Short Butler
Developed especially for the ROX 11.1 EVO, the Short Butler positions the ROX 11.1 EVO closer to your handlebars and in a more streamlined position than the standard GPS handlebar holder does. It can be mounted in a few easy steps. Special 3D rubber pads allow straight ROX 11.1 EVO orientation even on curved handlebars. The Short Butler is part of the HR Set and SENSOR Set scopes of delivery and available separately as an accessory.

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