Anne Terpstra

“Enjoy cycling and experience it as a break from your routine”

Anne Terpstra, the Dutch cross-country specialist, has been a SIGMA brand ambassador for several years. At 31, she is a starter for the GHOST Factory Racing Team and one of the most successful mountain bikers in the world. Bikes have been a major passion for her since childhood. She spends lots of time training, but also makes sure that she keeps a sense of fun. In training and during her free time, Anna always uses SIGMA’s smart bike accessories when she is riding. “I can rely on SIGMA’s GPS bike computers and lights, and I can recommend them to recreational athletes. This equipment makes it even easier to get on my bike and enjoy cycling, and to experience it as a break from my routine. It clears my head and keeps me fit and healthy.”








Training area

Fichtel Mountains

Kilometres (lifetime)


Watt Avg

4.9 Watt

First season




Dutch champion XCO ’18, ’16, ’15 ’14, ’13


Dutch champion XCE ’17, ’14


World Cup champion XCO ’18, ’19 ’22


4th place World Championships XCO ’19


3rd place Overall World Cup XCO ’22


5th place World Championships XCE ’15


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9 Questions for Anne

What motivates you to get on the bike every day?
My motivation is my desire to get a little bit better every day, to become a faster cyclist.

How did you get into cycling?
I got jealous of my brother, who had a lot of fun on his bike every week. At about 12, I started riding a mountain bike. It wasn’t long before I entered my first race: I was soaking wet, and the route was extremely muddy. But I thought it was great.

In one word, describe the feeling you get when you cycle.

What was the most difficult moment in your career?
I have had lots of tough moments in my career. The worst was breaking my ankle in January of 2018. It was a complicated break and my first real injury. I had no idea how to handle it. It is very hard to maintain confidence in yourself when you are so far away from your racing level. Ultimately, I came back a lot faster than expected and was even better. But in the middle of it all, I didn’t know that, of course.

Your favourite drink during a coffee break?
I like a tasty cappuccino.

What surface do you like riding on best?
Anything, as long as it’s dry.

What music do you listen to when you’re warming up?
At some point I realized that I am easily distracted during warm-ups. So I bought noise-cancelling headphones and created a warm-up playlist. First I added songs that I thought had the right tempo. During my first warm-up with music, I realized that it didn’t really work for me. I no longer need motivation, but a good feeling. Then I made a list of songs meaning something to me. Since then, have I always listened to the same playlist, even in the same order. It’s been more than three years, and I have hardly added any new songs.

What do you absolutely need during a competition?
My GHOST Factory Racing Team.

What would a perfect day on the bike be like for you?
A perfect day on the bike would be spent with friends or my family. We only ride the coolest trails and have lots of time for coffee breaks when we’re out. Ideally, we would wind up somewhere near a lake – I come from a part of the Netherlands where there is everywhere lots of water!

Anne about the ROX 11.1 EVO

“The cool thing about the ROX 11.1 EVO is that it is small and lightweight. The light sensor adjusts display brightness automatically. So if I ride in the woods, I can still see the most important numbers on the display. I can use the RIDE APP to personalize the training views, but I’m not sure whether I should have the wattage displayed in red or green.”

Anne about the BUSTER 2000

“I must admit that I hardly ever used to ride in the dark. I couldn’t see very well, so it wasn’t much fun. The BUSTER lights finally let me see well enough to have relaxed rides even when it’s dark. That makes it fun, especially in the dark seasons, and I can train as long as I want.”