“Cycling is absolute freedom”

From a bike without brakes to a professional career on the German Bike Aid UCI Continental Team: Salim Kipkemboi’s love for cycling came about coincidentally. As a teenager, he was sitting in Kenya selling firewood when several cyclists rode by. “Why don’t I just ride after them?” he thought. He grabbed his extremely heavy Black Mamba cargo bike without gears or brakes and kept up with the cyclists even on a hill – and so began his great passion for cycling. “For me, cycling is absolute freedom, not just on the bike,” Kipkemboi says. “Professional cycling changed my world completely. I can travel the globe, support my family, and engineer my own future.” It’s great to ride as a SIGMA brand ambassador. SIGMA stands for the joy and freedom of cycling. This fits very well with me and my story.”








Training area

Iten, Kenya

Kilometres (lifetime)


Watt Avg

6.2 watts

First season




stage Sharjah Tour ’18


2nd stage Tour of Iran ’18


Youth classification Sharjah Tour ’18


SIGMA heads into the future with new brand ambassadors

8 questions for Salim

What motivates you to get on the bike every day?
I want to continuously improve as a cyclist. My dream is to start in the World Tour and someday start in the Tour de France. The Olympic Games are another major goal of mine.

In one word, describe the feeling you get when you cycle.

What was the most difficult moment in your career?
That was definitely 2020. The pandemic forced me to stay in Kenya the whole year, and I couldn’t even participate in a small race to compare myself with other cyclists.

Your favourite drink during a coffee break?
I like a cola.

What surface do you like riding on best?
I like all surfaces. The main thing is that I’m riding!

What music do you listen to when you’re warming up?
I listen to Kenyan music. That motivates me!

What do you absolutely need during a competition?
My ROX 11.1 EVO to record my data. After the race, it’s really great to take a look at where I was – you don’t see that much when you’re racing.

What would a perfect day on the bike be like for you?
A day like that would always be a warm, sunny day. On the trail, I would have time to stop and drink a cola. It would end with a beautiful sunset.

Salim about the ROX 11.1 EVO

“The ROX 11.1 EVO has all the functions I need. I love the colour display!”

Salim about the AURA 100 / BLAZE link Set

“I’m so happy with my AURA 100/BLAZE LINK set. It is very important for me to be safe while I’m out. The light makes me much more visible, and the AURA makes the trail ahead of me very bright.”