ROX 12.1 EVO


GPS bike computer with map navigation

GPS bike computer with map navigation. Experience unlimited bike/e-bike adventure with the ROX 12.1 EVO! The user-friendly GPS bike computer is the navigation system for anyone who wants to discover the world. On forest floor, gravel, or asphalt, its multifaceted map navigation functions finds the best route for you to get to your destination. The ROX 12.1 EVO records extensive data for each and every ride, letting you take your training to a new level. “Made in Germany” innovation.

Experience the EVO-lution!

The 110-gram GPS bike computer features a modern, compact design.

You can connect to the SIGMA RIDE app on your smart phone with Bluetooth.

Are you a data freak? You can analyze your ride with the SIGMA RIDE app.

Your ROX can also be connected to even more sensors (such as speed, cadence, or indoor trainers) with ANT+ and Bluetooth.

If you have a serious accident, Crash Alert will detect the problem and alert your emergency contacts.

Get to know the user-friendly, easy-to-read user interface.

Discover the world

Bike-optimized maps

Your ROX 12.1 EVO comes with many pre-installed country maps. So you can get started as soon as you unpack your bike computer! A SIGMA-only proprietary map display ensures that you can find your way around. The maps highlight bike paths and trails to always take you to the best route, no matter where you are or what bike you are using. The compressed maps require little storage, so you can store a number of areas around the world permanently. More maps and regular updates can be downloaded via WiFi free of charge so that you always have the perfect track anywhere.

Innovative map navigation

Simply enter an address or routing to a point on the map or a point of interest (POI) – the navigation possibilities are limitless. Your ROX 12.1 EVO uses home navigation to always find your quickest way home. The “Back-to-Start” function takes you back to the beginning of your ride − on the same route if you want. The multifaceted navigation functions can be used independently, of course, without your ROX being connected to the internet or a smart phone.

Your routing

You decide for yourself which criteria your route should fulfil. You can choose among three route for your tour: the recommended one, the easiest, or the shortest. The altitude profile is also displayed for each route. You can also specify your route preferences (bike paths, main roads, dirt roads) individually for each sport profile.

Turn-by-turn navigation

The map can be displayed flexibly according to your needs and offers both large and small views. During navigation, the display shows the route and turn-by-turn directions. A pop-up window with an acoustic signal tells you when to turn next. The distance to the next turn-off and the street name are also displayed.

Easy route loading!

Route loading has never been this easy: Load routes from portals such as Strava and komoot or use a .gpx import into the SIGMA RIDE app. You can now call up your routes at any time, receive a good overview, synchronize them with your ROX 12.1 EVO, and head out. Useful Tip: in the “Favourites” menu, you can save your favourite tracks to call them up quickly later.

Plan rides ahead of time

Your ROX 12.1 EVO enables you to plan your rides ahead of time. You can plan your next biking vacation from wherever you are – your desk, your couch at home, or anywhere you’re thinking about your next ride. You can then find it in your route list.


A unique feature for all those who like to be surprised. Explore new routes with the unique “Draw my route” function. Just draw one or more lines on the map, and the ROX 12.1 EVO will create a suggested route for you. Are distance and altitude profiles what you want? Then you’re ready to go!

Smart re-routing

Your ROX won’t let you down! If you suddenly change your ride from the suggested route, your ROX will quickly plan a new path to your destination − including re-calculating distance, predicted arrival time, and altitude profile.

Train like a pro

Custom sport profiles

Which tour and which bike will it be today − mountain bike, gravel bike, or racing bike? The six pre-defined and 22 other customizable sport profiles make sure the ROX 12.1 EVO is prepared for any bike adventure. In the individual sport profiles, you can customize your training views, trail preferences, and alarms. The profiles can easily be created and adjusted on the ROX 12.1 EVO or in the SIGMA RIDE app − any time, even during training.

Personal training views

The ROX 12.1 EVO’s six training views give you maximum flexibility. You can configure them however you want and highlight the data fields with different colors. Depending on how many values you want to display (up to ten), you will get different layout suggestions. A total of 30 layouts are available. Would you like to have distance displayed instead of altitude? No problem − you can change your training views easily during your ride. The ROX 12.1 EVO also has views for workout, navigation, FE-C smart trainer, and laps.

Strava Live segments

Use the RIDE app to load Strava Live segments to your ROX 12.1 EVO and measure yourself against other riders. Would you rather keep an eye on the track or your values while you are challenging the KOM/QOM (King/Queen of the Mountain)? You can decide!

An overview of your workouts

The ROX 12.1 EVO helps structure your training. The most important workouts are already pre-installed. You can also upload workouts from portals such as TrainingPeaks to your ROX 12.1 EVO. Just import them with the RIDE app and start training!

Drinking and eating alarms

For optimum energy supply during competition and training, the ROX 12.1 EVO reminds you to eat and drink at points you determine in advance, such as at certain times or distances. You can customize another alarm with your own text − you get to decide whether it appears only once or is repeated.

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Easy pairing

Would you like to record other data about your training? ANT+ and Bluetooth make it extremely easy for you to reliably combine and link external sensors to measure speed, cadence, and heart rate.
You can get the ROX 12.1 EVO in a set with our new magnet-free speed and cadence sensors and our chest strap (also available as accessories). Your ROX 12.1 EVO can also be paired with other sensors such as your electronic gear changes or radar.

Speed measurement


Cadence measurement


Heart rate measurement

Smart Trainer (ANT+)

Watt measurement with power meter


Smart gear shifting with Shimano Di2

Your ROX 12.1 EVO is compatible with Shimano Di2 gear shifting. You can use the D-Fly buttons on the electronic gear switch to control your bike navigation system while you are riding. For instance, you can switch training screens easily without taking your hands off the handlebars.

Digital rear-view mirror

Connect your ROX 12.1 EVO to a radar and get information about approaching vehicles.
The bike radar serves as your digital rear-view mirror and detects approaching vehicles, forwarding the data to the ROX in real time. This enables you to keep an eye on the traffic behind you, estimate the speed of approaching vehicles, and adjust your riding behaviour accordingly.

Indoor cycling trend

Are you up for some indoor training?
Connect the ROX 12.1 EVO to your smart trainer or stationary bicycle trainer. This lets you use the bike computer’s numerous training features during indoor training as well. If you want, your ROX 12.1 EVO takes control of your stationary training if you are not using a Zwift.

Powermeter functions

Powermeters have become indispensable for cycling. This training instrument enables you to measure your performance precisely for targeted improvement. In addition to general power meter values, your ROX 12.1 EVO displays specific values such as TSS®, NP®, and IF®. It also offers you the OCA and OCP values for a Rotor 2INpower, INPower, or INSpider. In addition to the numbers, a graphical representation is available in your training view. Normalized Power (NP®), Intensity Factor (IF®), and Training Stress Score (TSS®) are registered trademarks of Peaksware, LLC.

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Training assessment at a glance

For a quick evaluation on the device, you can specifically access your training sessions under the “My activities” menu item. All values and graphs and the map view will help you to analyse your training. What was your longest tour, and what is your speed record? The “Personal best” menu point shows you a list of your successes, great and small − and there is a trophy!

And if that’s not enough, the free SIGMA RIDE app gives you the exact details of each tour and statistics that enable you to compare your progress over the last few weeks, months, or even years.



The ROX 12.1 EVO is the perfect partner on your e-bike rides as well. It can be paired easily with many e-bikes and show specific values such as range, battery level, and support level, depending on the e-system connected. The display also shows the gear change recommendation – saving you energy and battery charge.

The SIGMA RIDE app also supports assessment of your e-bike tour, of course. Graphic profiles and heat maps use a variety of colours to visualise how much of the route was ridden at what support level, the battery status over the course of the route, and much more.

Check to see if your bike is compatible with the ROX 12.1 EVO:

Smart connection!

An eye on all data with the SIGMA RIDE app

With the free SIGMA RIDE app for iOS and Android, you can assess your tours anywhere, anytime. You can use the app to transfer your data with Bluetooth from the ROX 12.1 EVO to your smart phone, collect your training values, and keep an eye on your statistics for recent weeks, months, or even years. This not only is fun, but ensures lots of motivation. The RIDE app is a smart companion for the ROX 12.1 EVO and can also help you adjust the device to be more convenient for you, manage your routes from various platforms, and transfer them to your ROX 12.1 EVO.

Optimally networked

Plan your routes in portals such as Strava and komoot and use the SIGMA RIDE to transfer them directly to your ROX 12.1 EVO. Successes can be easily shared to your favourite social media platforms such as Strava, komoot, TrainingPeaks, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Users of the SIGMA RIDE app for iOS can integrate Apple Health and share routes and training values there as well.

Stay connected

Smart notifications connect your smart phone to your bike computer even while you’re riding. Notifications of incoming calls, messages, and e-mails appear automatically on your display. If friends and family send you emojis for motivation, they show up there as well.


The ROX 12.1 EVO is also helpful in dangerous situations: If you have an accident, it automatically detects the fall and gives you 30 seconds to confirm that you’re OK. If there is no confirmation, the SIGMA RIDE app automatically sends an SMS to your emergency contacts and gives them your GPS data. You can also save emergency information such as blood type, name, and medication to your device.

Easy handling

Modern user-friendly interface

Switch it on, and you immediately know where to go: Large buttons and a clean, modern design make the ROX 12.1 EVO very user-friendly. Optimized typography makes the device very easy to read.

Smart shortcut menu

You can reach the practical shortcut menu by swiping down once. The menu shows you relevant functions such as Back-to-Start and battery charge and adapts dynamically when you pair a sensor, for instance.

Favorites always available

Your navigation favorites are available in the Favorites menu. Just swipe up on the display and have the computer navigate you home or call up your most recent destinations or favourite places.

Flexible display

Would you prefer for the display to show the ascending and descending altitude or turn-by-turn navigation? No problem: You can change the displayed training values during your ride and highlight them in colour – without ending the current data display.

Touch and buttons for maximum ease of use

Enjoy powerful hardware

Small and compact, but powerful

The three-inch touch display fits perfectly into the ROX 12.1 EVO’s modern design. Its size makes the display easy to read even during a ride. And it weighs only 110 grams.

Powerful hardware

Change the display view, zoom in and out, calculate a track, or re-route: Its powerful hardware makes using the ROX 12.1 EVO easy and lightning fast.

Get started quickly with GNSS

Switch it on, get your bike ready, and go: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou (GNSS) provide up to 99 channels to check your current position on. They ensure the fastest possible position fix so that you can start right away.

Outdoor pro

The ROX 12.1 EVO can handle all sorts of weather! It is protected from dust and water according to IP67. Its tough housing and display can handle minor falls.

Transflective display

The ROX 12.1 EVO display is perfectly adjusted for outdoor use in full sunlight. The intelligent backlight makes sure the display is easy to read even in poor light conditions. In strong sunlight, the advantage over your smart phone quickly becomes obvious: ideal readability at low energy consumption.

Extra-long rides

Your ROX 12.1 EVO’s powerful battery gives you lots of range on bike tours. The precise battery life depends on how you use the computer. An overview is available here. The battery level is displayed in your ROX 12.1 EVO’s shortcut menu.

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Perfect mount with the Long Butler

The Long Butler (included in delivery) gives your ROX 12.1 EVO the ideal position on your handlebars. You can view the display perfectly! It can be mounted on handlebars with diameters from 25.4 to 31.8 mm in a few easy steps. Curved handlebars? Use the 3D rubber pads to perfectly set-up your ROX 12.1 EVO.

Central positioning with the Over-Clamp Butler

The Over-Clamp Butler allows perfect ROX 12.1 EVO alignment, even on a short stem. For instance, the bike computer can be positioned centrally above the stem at the level of the handlebars. This ensures space and order on your handlebars. The Over-Clamp Butler is available as an accessory and fits handlebars of 31.8 and 35 mm diameter.

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Features & Funktionen

Abmessung (B x L x H) 57 x 95 x 21 mm
Halterkompatibilität GPS Mount Long Butler GPS Overclamp Butler GPS
Gewicht ~ 110 g
Wasserdichtigkeit IP67
Batterie 2400 mAh (Li Ion), 3,8 V
Displaygröße 3.0"
Auflösung (pixel) 240 x 400
Farbdisplay / Anzahl Farben 16 M. colors
Displaytechnologie Transflektiv
übliche Batterielaufzeit 14 Stunden (abhängig von der persönlichen Nutzung und Umgebung)
Konnektivität ANT+ BLE WiFi
Smart Notifications
Sensorik Elektronische Schaltung Geschwindigkeit Herzfrequenz Leistungsmesser Radar Remote Rotor Powermeter (OCA / OCP) Smart Trainer (FE-C) Trittfrequenz
E-Bike Ready
Sprachen wählbar CS-DE-EN-FR-IT-ES-NL-PL-PT
Durchschnittl. Geschwindigkeit
Track Navigation
Turn-by-turn navigation
Anzahl Tracks auf Gerät bis zu 100
Zurück zum Startpunkt Gleiche Strecke zurück
Erstellen einer Route mit mehreren Zwischenzielen bis zu 50 Zwischenziele
Draw My Route Funktion zur schnelleren Erstellung von Routen
Navigationsfavoriten erstellen / verwalten
POI Suche
Barometrische Höhenmessung
Vorinstallierte Sportprofile 6
Individuell einstellbare Sportprofile bis zu 20
Individuell einstellbare Trainingsseiten bis zu 6
Individuell einstellbare Anzahl Trainingswerte pro Seite bis zu 10
Vorlagen für Trainingsansichten 30
Farben zum Hervorheben der Trainingswerte 8
Anzahl Workouts auf Gerät bis zu 100
Strava Live Segmente
Crash Alert
Alarme Essen Individuell Trinken
Auto Pause
Rundenfunktion Automatisch (Zeit / Distanz) Manuell
Zielzonentraining Geschwindigkeit Herzfrequenz Leistung Trittfrequenz
Speicher bis Speicher voll
Datenformat .fit
Teilen über RIDE App zu Apple Health Facebook komoot Strava TrainingPeaks Twitter WhatsApp
Basis Funktionen
Maximale Geschwindigkeit
Trainingszeit (netto)
Trainingsdauer (brutto)
SIGMA Performance Index
Kalorien Nur in Verbindung und Nutzung eines HF-Sensors
Aktuelle Höhe
Steigung (in % )
Höhenmeter Bergauf
Maximale Höhe
Maximale Steigrate
Maximale Steigung bergauf
Höhenmeter bergab
Maximale Steigrate bergab
Maximales Gefälle
Minimale Höhe
Trittfrequenz Funktionen
Durchschn. Trittfrequenz
Maximale Trittfrequenz
Herzfrequenz Funktionen
Aktuelle Herzfrequenz
Durchschn. Herzfrequenz
Maximale Herzfrequenz
Minimale Herzfrequenz
Maximale Herzfrequenz (in % )
Durchschn. % max. Herzfrequenz
Balance 10 Sec - Durchschn.
Balance 3 Sec - Durchschn.
Balance 30 Sec - Durchschn.
Balance Durchsch.
Pedal smoothness
Aktuelle Leistung
Leistung - %FTP
Durchschn. Leistung
Leistung 3 Sec - Durchschn.
Leistung 10 Sec - Durchschn.
Leistung 30 Sec - Durchschn.
Leistung - Intensitätsfaktor
Leistung - Max
Power in Kilojoule (KJ)
Normalized power
Training Stress Score
Leistung in Watt / KG
Torque Effectiveness (--% / --%)
Rotor Powermeter (OCA / OCP)
E-Bike Funktionen
E-Bike Batterie
Unterstützung (watt)
Human Power vs. Motor Power
E-Bike Gesamtdistanz
E-Bike Gesamtzeit
Indoor Trainer Funktionen
Trainer Widerstand
Trainer Modus
Trainer Zielleistung
Automatische Rundenfunktionen (Zeit oder Distanzbasiert)
Anzahl - Auto Lap
Rundenzeit - AutoLap
Distanz - AutoLap
Durchschnittl. Geschwindigkeit - AutoLap
Maximale Geschwindigkeit - AutoLap
Kalorien - AutoLap
Durchschnittliche Höhe - AutoLap
Maximale Höhe - AutoLap
Höhenmeter Bergauf - AutoLap
Höhenmeter Bergab - AutoLap
Durchschnittliche Steigung bergauf - AutoLap
Durchschnittliche Steigung Bergab - AutoLap
Durchschnittliche Steigrate bergauf - AutoLap
Durchschnittliche Steigrate bergab - AutoLap
Durchschnittliche Balance - AutoLap
Durchschnittliche Leistung - AutoLap
Maximale Leistung - AutoLap
Normalized power - AutoLap
Durchschn. Trittfrequenz - AutoLap
Maximale Trittfrequenz - AutoLap
Durchschn. Herzfrequenz - AutoLap
Maximale Herzfrequenz - AutoLap
Pedallierzeit - AutoLap
Pedalierindex - Auto Lap
Auto lap liste
Höhenmeter - AutoLap
Manuelle Rundenfunktionen
Anzahl - Lap
Rundenzeit - Lap
Distanz - Lap
Durchschnittl. Geschwindigkeit - Lap
Maximale Geschwindigkeit - Lap
Kalorien - Lap
Durchschnittliche Höhe - Lap
Maximale Höhe - Lap
Höhenmeter Bergauf - Lap
Höhenmeter bergabl - Lap
Durchschnittliche Steigung bergauf - Lap
Durchschnittliche Steigung Bergab - Lap
Durchschnittliche Steigrate bergauf - Lap
Durchschnittliche Steigrate bergab - Lap
Durchschnittliche Balance - Lap
Durchschnittliche Leistung - Lap
Maximale Leistung - Lap
Durchschn. Trittfrequenz - Lap
Maximale Trittfrequenz - Lap
Durchschn. Herzfrequenz - Lap
Maximale Herzfrequenz - Lap
Pedallierzeit - Lap
Pedalierindex - Lap
Runden Liste
Zeit bis zum Ziel
Distanz bis zum Ziel
Track Navigation
Elektronische Schaltung
Vorderer Gang (Kettenblatt)
Hinterer Gang
Di2 Schaltmodus
Status Funktionen
Aktuelle Temperatur
Minimale Temperatur
Maximale Temperatur
GPS Genauigkeit
Ladezustand Gerätebatterie


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