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Anne Terpstra talks about happiness

Anne Terpstra talks about happiness

In our “SIGMA Stories” series, we are taking a close look at our brand ambassadors. They are taking us on a journey through time, sharing their successes and providing glimpses of their everyday lives. Our story continues with world champion runner-up Anne Terpstra.

“It seems that my life consists of being a professional athlete.” And a spectacular one at that. Competing in the Olympics, continuous success during races with her Ghost Factory Racing Team, and most recently becoming the runner-up world champion are just a few of her achievements. Adrenalin in races and deep relaxation in private life is perhaps the best description of the Hollander’s characteristics. This aroused our curiosity, so we visited Terpstra near her new home in the Fichtel Mountains for SIGMA Stories.

During our visit, Terpstra’s enthusiasm for cycling is palpable. The joy and passion she radiates as she rides her bike through the woods is contagious. Since her childhood, bikes have been a major passion. She spends a great deal of time training, but also makes sure that the sense of fun is not lost. Balance is the key here. In addition to sport and fun, Terpstra also invests time in happiness. She has learned to be happy even when she can’t ride, when she has no races. To be satisfied even without a bike. After an injury, this was the ultimate test, and she passed it with flying colours.

You find happiness in other ways. It’s like mental freedom, and I think it may be the best freedom we get.

Anne Terpstra

Terpstra has found inner peace, but is sometimes quite contemplative. She listens to her thoughts and knows what does her good. This creates space for other things. One thing she treasures is helping other women on Team Ghost by sharing her knowledge. Terpstra finds it one of the best things in life when a teammate asks advice. “Of course they don’t have to do everything the same ways I do, but I want them to have the information they need to make their own decisions,” Terpstra says.

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