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E-bike compatibility

The ROX and EOX series is e-bike ready and can be easily connected to many partner e-bike systems. When your device is connected, the bike-specific values will be displayed.

Check whether your e-bike is compatible with your SIGMA.

Every e-system has requirements that must be considered to ensure compatibility with SIGMA components. You can tell which system your e-bike is equipped with from the brand name on the motor, the handlebar control unit or in the technical information of your e-bike.

CHOOSE YOUR E-SYSTEM and check compatibility.

Your e-bike with MAXON BIKEDRIVE AIR is compatible with the SIGMA E-Bike Service (BLE) and ANT+ LEV. When searching for e-bikes, you will be presented with two connection options. In this case, please choose the connection with “MAXON BIKEDRIVE AIR” (BLE) because we can give you more information via this interface.


ROX 2.0

ROX 4.0


ROX 11.1 EVO

ROX 12.1 EVO


Device display

Your bike computer can only display the values provided by your e-system.

1. Basic informationBLEANT+ LEV
Speed* *
E-bike battery* *
Estimated range* *
Pedaling power*x
Odometer* *
Total ride time * x

2. Assist modeBLEANT+ LEV
Current assist mode* *
Assist mode names * x
Show start-up assistancex x

3. Gear informationBLEANT+ LEV
Current gearx x
Number of gears x x
Shifting advice x x

4. Light statusBLEANT+ LEV
Off, Low Beam (ON)* *
High Beam (BEAM)* *

5. E-System informationBLEANT+ LEV
Bike name (device name)
Serial number
Protocol version *x
Error notification * *
Service information * x

* Available if E-System connected.

Establish connection

Make sure that the e-system is switched on and the wireless interface is ready to transmit while the SIGMA WL e-bike computer searches for compatible e-systems.

Shimano: The STEPS system can be found via Bluetooth for 30 seconds after switching on or pressing a button of the STEPS system. To ensure that SIGMA WL e-bike computer can find the STEPS system, it is recommended to press the STEPS system button while searching SIGMA WL e-bike computer for compatible e-systems.