Sporty bike front light with Light Guide

With a 70-metre beam range and 60 lux, the rechargeable AURA 60 USB illuminates streets and lanes evenly and improves side visibility with the “Light Guide”. This not only increases your safety in road traffic, but also makes the StVZO light a first-class companion, especially for athletic riders and commuters.

Versatile use


Effectiveness ≤ 60 lux
Burn time ≤ 4 h


Effectiveness ≤ 30 lux
Burn time ≤ 7 h


Effectiveness ≤ 18 lux
Burn time ≤ 10 h

Three modes (60 lux in Standard mode, more than 30 lux in Mid mode, and 18 lux in Eco mode) provide optimal light on your bike tour, both in the city and off the roads. Mode selection can extend burn time from four to up to ten hours.

Battery/charge indicator

Your AURA 60 USB’s operating button is also charge indicator showing battery status. If the battery capacity is below 70 per cent, the LED in the button lights up green, and if capacity is below 30 per cent, it lights up red. When the battery is charging, the indicator lights up red. As soon as the battery is fully charged, it lights up green. You can also easily charge the AURA 60 USB with a connected power bank even during operation.

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USB charging capability

The AURA 60 USB has an integrated rechargeable battery. The front light can be fully recharged using the Micro-USB cable provided within 3.5 hours and is ready for the next bike tour. This saves money and protects the environment.


The lateral Light Guide is not just a visual highlight. The two additional LEDs ensure significantly higher lateral visibility. Other road users can thus see you easier.

Sporty design

At just 105 grams, the AURA 60 USB is easy to carry. If you are interested in design as well as convenience, you will like this light. Its flat, sleek, slightly conical body and the lateral “Light Guide” round out its sporty look.


The AURA 60 USB has no problem at all with water. Its flat, sleek, slightly conical body and the lateral “Light Guide” round out its sporty look.

Mounting made easy

The AURA 60 USB is permanently attached to a silicon handlebar bracket that can be mounted precisely to any handlebars. Mounting is extremely quick and requires no tools.

Switch-on protection

Two switch it on, press the operating button twice. A long press switches the AURA 60 USB off again. This function prevents inadvertent switching on (when you stow the light in your pocket, for example).

Also Available as set


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Features & functions

General (Lightings)
Beam range 70 m
Run time 10 h
Charge time 3,5 h
Effectiveness 60 LUX
Charge indicator Two-stage battery indicator
Integrated charge function
Lighting modes 3
Lighting type Osram LED
Side visibility Light Guide for excellent side visibility
Splash resistant In accordance with IPX4
Adjustable bracket 360°
Tool-free mounting
Switch on protection Double click for ON
Weight 105 g (incl. bracket)
StVZO admitted
Power supply Integrated Li-ion battery
Unifit 22-32mm


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