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SIGMA SPORT presents new brand logo

SIGMA SPORT presents new brand logo

SIGMA is presenting itself with a new look at the start of the bike season. The specialist in electronic bicycle accessories is launching a modern and authentic logo in order to boost its brand.

Say hello to the new logo of SIGMA, the bicycle accessories brand. As of now, the branding of the Neustadt bike accessories specialist is shining in a new light with a fresh, image-enhancing design. “The new logo stands for further development of the SIGMA brand”, explains managing director Thomas Seifert.

A defining element of the new logo is the pathway.

Part of SIGMA’s DNA

“We are currently in the process of transforming the SIGMA brand. The company is now focussing on the bicycle more than ever. We are the pioneer of the digital bike computer and the bicycle itself is the true core of the brand. It is the most important component of SIGMA’s DNA and it is what we are concentrating our work on.”

Welcome to the future

At the same time, we are addressing a younger and more international public, one of the main means of doing this being a new and fresh logo. “The launch of the new logo is simultaneously the starting shot for a whole series of activities aimed at making the company better equipped to meet the needs of the future and actively supporting the social turnaround in mobility. In the coming weeks, there will be additional exciting news about SIGMA and our products”, says managing director Robin Schendel.

Always keep an eye on the goal: SIGMA is the right companion for adventures.

Passion and authenticity

The stylised mountain peak and the pathway of the new logo symbolise the personal goals that bike riders want to achieve with the help of SIGMA products. The colours black and red are retained from the previous brand logo. They represent almost 40 years of passion for sport and technology, and the authenticity of the brand. Green stands for the love of nature. Combined with each other, all the elements signify the individual freedom of each individual.

Young, dynamic, international and connected to nature: the new SIGMA logo.

With SIGMA towards freedom

“The bicycle gives us the freedom to live our life in the way we want to”, emphasises head of marketing Jennifer Leinenbach. “Whether in the hectic surroundings of the city or immersed in the power of nature in the mountains, we help people to enjoy their small adventures more intensively and achieve their goals in their everyday life when they engage in sport of bike riding.”

SIGMA is the reliable companion and makes riders feel safe wherever the road or path takes them.

More information: http://www.sigmasport.com


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