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E-bike compatibility

The ROX and EOX series is e-bike ready and can be easily connected to many partner e-bike systems. When your device is connected, the bike-specific values will be displayed.

Check whether your e-bike is compatible with your SIGMA.

Every e-system has requirements that must be considered to ensure compatibility with SIGMA components. You can tell which system your e-bike is equipped with from the brand name on the motor, the handlebar control unit or in the technical information of your e-bike.

CHOOSE YOUR E-SYSTEM and check compatibility.

TQ HPR 120S:
To ensure compatibility, the SIGMA EOX REMOTE 500 must be installed.

TQ HPR 50:
Your ROX or EOX bike computer is compatible via ANT+ LEV.


ROX 2.0

ROX 4.0


ROX 11.1 EVO

ROX 12.1 EVO


Device display

Your bike computer can only display the values provided by your e-system.

1. Basic informationHPR 120s HPR 50
Speed* *
Cadence * x
E-bike battery* *
Estimated range * *
Pedaling power * x
Odometer * *
Total ride time * x

2. Assist mode HPR 120s HPR 50
Current assist mode * *
Assist mode namesx x
Show start-up assistance * x

3. Gear information HPR 120s HPR 50
Current gear x x
Number of gears x x
Shifting advice x x

4. Light status HPR 120s HPR 50
Off, Low Beam (ON) * *
High Beam (BEAM)x *

5. E-System information HPR 120s HPR 50
Bike name (device name)
Serial number
Protocol version * x
Error notification * *
Service informationx x

*Available if E-System connected.

Establish connection

Make sure that the e-system is switched on and the wireless interface is ready to transmit while the SIGMA WL e-bike computer searches for compatible e-systems.

The STEPS system can be found via Bluetooth for 30 seconds after switching on or pressing a button of the STEPS system. To ensure that SIGMA WL e-bike computer can find the STEPS system, it is recommended to press the STEPS system button while searching SIGMA WL e-bike computer for compatible e-systems.