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1st SIGMA GRAVEL NIGHT with Karl Platt & Marcel Kittel

1st SIGMA GRAVEL NIGHT with Karl Platt & Marcel Kittel

In theory, bike lights can be explained wonderfully and without limits. Starting with StVZO guidelines, different lenses, the comparison between lux and lumen, as well as the light image that a lamp produces. Lighting can be defined, philosophised and theorised about for hours. But let’s be honest, deep down we can’t just sit still and listen.

Get on the bike

That’s what we thought, too, and invited guests to take part in a practical test. Together with our brand ambassadors Marcel Kittel and Karl Platt as well as press, influencers and experts from the cycling industry, we turned night into day and presented the latest members of the BUSTER series.
After getting to know each other in the cosy Parezzo coffee roastery, the group went on a 30-kilometre gravel tour around Landau/Pfalz. We had the following products of our lighting series with us: the BUSTER 800 HL, the BUSTER 1100 FL and BUSTER RL 150, which are approved for the international market, as well as the StVZO-compliant lighting set AURA 100/BLAZE LINK.

Graveling in the fog

To make the conditions particularly difficult and to focus on the luminosity of our BUSTER range, we also made sure that the weather conditions were more than bad – and ordered fog for the evening. 😉


Lighting product manager Robin Stroda confidently explained all the differences in terms of headlight range, light pattern, positioning on handlebars and helmet, and optimal light distribution. The nice thing was that it was not just dry theory, but that the lighting was tested directly. The differences were clearly visible and the weather impressively showed how important good bicycle lighting is in order to really be seen at every moment and also to see something yourself! #ridesafe

cosy ending

After the foggy ride and all the new information, the group could hardly hide their hungry bellies and so we stopped at the Bibulum in Landau’s city centre – it was a nice, cosy end for everyone. Especially since Marcel and Karl told us one or two funny and exciting stories from the world of cycling.

If you are interested in our lighting, but are a fan of theory, you are welcome to find out more about our products on our homepage.


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